‘Fighting corruption is difficult, not impossible’

J.N. JAYASHREE writes: Thank you very much for your interest in and support of my husband, M.N. Vijaya Kumar. I am not able to individually reply because I have to pursue many appeals. I will be responding seperately to those who have given specific suggestions or informed me specific cases.

With so many lending their support from all across the world, we are much safer today. My husband anticipated all such troubles to come and I also joined him and took up the issues independently. Considering the type of people against whom we are fighting, I decided to inform the problems we are facing through the website http://fightcorruption.freespaces.com. Most of the problems including the frequent transfers were expected. But we decided to move cautiously but not secretively, otherwise the corrupt would be laughing at our bodies today.

It appears there is some problem with http://fightcorruption.freespaces.com. It appears that freespaces is updating its system. I have therefore put all the information on my wiki-site, http://jayashree.wikidot.com. Please bear with the name of the wiki-site till alternate arrangements are made.

I have created a forum for all those interested to participate. Please go through the various categories at the forum and see how you can help by visiting the following link http://jayashree.wikidot.com/forum:start. Messages can be posted anonymously without becoming a member. However, to edit and contribute, one has to become a member.

Most of the pages allow per-page commenting. You can participate in its improvement. To edit pages you have to become a member of the wiki-site. To become a member visit http://jayashree.wikidot.com/system:join.

Please go through the reports/letter on the homepage to get an idea of what is happening right now. The fight against corruption is very tough but not absolutely impossible. If a large number of dedicated people put their efforts in a coordinated manner we may be able to make major dents in the shield protecting the corrupt.

You can see already some of the results because of the sustained efforts made in the last eight months to expose how the Chief Secretary himself was deliberately dismantling anti-corruption systems to shield the corrupt. My husband’s 25 years’ experience fighting corruption has shown that to get effective results the corrupt bureaucracy at the top should be attacked. The summary is given in my letter dated 21/5/07 addressed to the Governor. You can see this letter here http://jayashree.wikidot.com/govletter.

As you can see the forum has many categories which you can improve. You please invite your friends to join us. We are very grateful to all our well wishers. We want the help of all from every corner of the world. I am happy to inform you that the local newspapers and various TV channels have reported our fight against corruption and some of them have already started working with us. We also want to thank all of you who have initiated actions in various manners.

Please also inform the new wiki-site address to your friends. We thank you once again and will be extremely happy to work together to fight corruption. As the wiki-site is new , there will be frequent additions. Please visit the ‘what is new’ section often. There is a Complaint section to which complaints can be sent and those interested in solving them can take up those complaints.