When all are not equal in the eyes of the poojari

SUNAAD RAGHURAM writes: God, places of worship, prayer, hope, and the optimism to see a better tomorrow—this has been the broad framework around which human life has existed since man began to walk erect.

The deep-seated feeling of piety in the human mind that surfaces at various times, and I’m talking of believers, who anyway, outnumber their opposites I presume; the many attempts to seek a communion with the Supreme, the many methods employed, the different types of rituals prescribed for the elevation of the soul and the dispelling of gloom inside it; penance as panacea.

Although I don’t belong to the most god fearing category and somehow remain unmoved by ritualistic religiosity, I’m not averse to finding myself insides the precincts of a temple once in a while, either out of social compulsion or because I wouldn’t want to play spoilsport to the desire of a loved one to seek the darshana of the almighty.

Walking into a temple the other day and making a desperate attempt to rid my mind of the detritus of worldly life, lived as it is, in mostly chaotic absurdity, I stood to a side.

Try as I did to focus my mind’s energy on the Lord, whose benevolent presence had created a halo of humility and surrender around the many devotees milling around, my mind quite shamefully continued to behave like a bucking horse, stubborn in its decision not to abide. Be that as it may.

As I stood there, an inwardly lonely figure lost in myriad thoughts, I noticed a few of the devotees sidle up to the priest who expertly kept the mumbling of the mantras in autopilot mode. Whispers were exchanged and feeble gestures were made in the direction of the sanctum sanctorum inside which stood He in resplendent magnificence.

At once, the thin dividing line, plainly a dirty rope, separating the ‘commoners’ among the faithfuls and the more well-heeled and connected was broken and the ‘privileged’ were let in so that they could stand as close to the Lord as was permissible!

How closer can you get to god?!

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