Why Chandu Borde will be a successful coach

The Board of Control for Cricket in India has appointed Chandu Borde as coach after Graham Ford declined the job. OTOH, you can see this as a glass half empty and kvetch over what a bankrupt cricket nation we have become, that we can’t even find one proper coach let alone 11 matchwinners.

OTOH, you can see this as a glass half full. There are many reasons why Borde may be more successful at his assignment than Greg Chappell. He is a Maharashtrian, he knows the Indian “culture”, and he knows how to take the seniors and juniors (and ex-cricketers, and their drum beaters on television) together.

But here’s the real reason why appointing Borde is a masterstroke. Because at the wonderful age of 72, mala Chandu will always have his walking stick in hand if the brats in blue give him any trouble.

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