CHURUMURI POLL: Does Mysore need a Utsava?

A four-day “Mysooru Utsava” showcasing art, culture and entertainment is to be held in Mysore from June 26. “Spearheaded” by the minister in charge of Mysore district, G.T. Deve Gowda, the show will be held along the lines of “Bangalore Habba”. A folk dance procession of 1,000 artistes, recitals of dances of various forms, a festival of films of the late Dr Raj Kumar, a food and humour festival, and music concerts are among the items on the menu, according to the convenor of the event, Deepak Thimaya.

So far, so good. But is this a one-off or an annual event? Does Mysore need another art, culture and entertainment festival when it stages the Dasara extravaganza every year? Or is more the merrier? If the Rs 2.5 crore tab is being picked up by patrons, sponsors and advertisers—and the State Government is not involved—is the minister merely shining in reflected glory? Should the ‘Mysooru Utsava’ seek to ape the Dasara or should it carve a younger, hipper niche for itself, a bit like ‘Yuva Dasara’?