CHURUMURI POLL: Lalu Prasad as BCCI chief?

Heaven knows that Indian cricket has enough misery on its plate. Pathetic on-field performances, even more pathetic off-field performances by the administrators. A coach’s job which no one wants to take up. Controversies over player payments and endorsements, and TV rights. Conflicts of interest of key functionaries. And we are still scratching the surface of the “world’s richest cricket body”.

As if all that were not enough comes news that Lalu Prasad is being discussed as a possible successor to Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar as the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Not this September when the BCCI polls are held, but two years from now, when it’s Pawar’s turn to vacate. Obviously Lalu’s “record” as Railway Minister and his politicking abilities will be held in his favour.

Question: Will Lalu Yadav as BCCI chief be a good thing or a bad thing for Indian cricket? Or does it not matter given the state of the game in the country?