Namma cheluva naadu: Aatakkuntu, lekakkilla?

Teacher: “Sita, where is the Cauvery born and where does she flow?”

Sita: “Cauvery is born every year on October 17 in Talacauvery in Kodagu jille. From there Cauvery straight flows to Mettur dam in Tamil Nadu. In Mettur, 270 tmc feet of water will be pumped back to Karnataka, if it really needs it. Otherwise, it is allowed to flow to alpha, beta, gamma, delta.”


Teacher: “Rama, what is Karnataka ekikarana?”

Rama: “After a lot of struggle, in 1956, all Kannada-speaking people from other cities and provinces such as Bombay, Hyderabad, Kasargod were brought under a new State called ‘Karnataka’. Even after 50 years, people from these regions are being referred to as ‘those’ from Bombay-Karnatak, Hyderabad-Karnatak and Kasargod-Karnataka. We don’t how many centuries it will take, before they just become people from Karnataka, Miss!”


Kitti: “Can I ask you a question, Miss?”

Teacher: “OK.”

Kitti: “Can you name all the central railway ministers from Karnataka?”

Teacher: “Let’s see. Kengal Hanumanthaiah, K.C. Reddy, C.K. Jaffer Sharief, George Fernandes… I don’t know all the names. But most of the former railway ministers are from Karnataka.”

Kitti: “Then how is it our largest port-city Mangalore is still not connected to Bangalore, our capital city, (on a regular basis), whereas it is connected by rail to Bombay?”

Teacher: “That’s true. I don’t know.”


Mohan: “Miss, Karnataka has the most number of Jnanpith awardees in the country, right?”

Teacher: “Yes! Yes!”

Mohan: “And it is given for their literary contribution to Kannada language, right?”

Teacher: “Indeed!”

Kitti: “And government still feels Kannada does not deserve classical status?”

Teacher: “I don’t know.”


Gopal: “And finally, Miss, Carnatic Music was first formulated by Purandara Dasa?”

Teacher: “That’s right.”

Kitti: “And yet singers from Karnataka who are over 80+ still don’t get even ‘Padma Sri’ awards?”

Teacher: ‘That’s true, I don’t why.”


E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Inthaavu bahala iddaave. Hyange sarimadodrappa? Yaarigadru enaadru holeethada?