11 similarities between the iPhone and Rajni

11) Neither the producers of Sivaji nor the producers of the iPhone, needed to pay a single paise for publicity. The newspapers and TV channels did it on their own. For free.

10) Even before Sivaji was seen, it was decreed a hit. Even before the iPhone was released and used, it was declared a success. The hype is the product.

9) At nearly 1,000 rupees a ticket, a bit overpriced but  former bus conductor Rajnikanth has a strange hold on even 50-year-olds. At nearly 500 dollars for a phone, a bit overpriced, but former universal serial bus conductor Steve Jobs has a strange hold on 50-year-olds.

8) Sivaji fans queued up in the middle of the night, broke coconuts, did arati for the Second Coming on Friday, June 22. iPhone fans slept on the pavements in front of Apple stores for the Jesus Phone on Friday, June 29.

7) In Sivaji, Rajni can do many things at the same time: chew gum, belt some, win some, and win some more. The iPhone too can do many things but not all at the same time: surf the web, watch a movie, listen to a song, and lest we forget, make a call.

6) College dropout Rajni is in the safe hands of Shankar who has not known failure at all as a director. The iPhone is in the safe hands of college dropout Steve Jobs who has not known failure at all as a tech visionary.

5) Sivaji excites even non-Tamil film critics who wouldn’t know the difference between vaango and quango. The iPhone excites even non-techies who don’t know the difference between byte and by-two.

4) Sivaji is style well packaged. iPhone is style well-packaged. The next Rajni starrer will be even bigger. The next Jobs starrer will be even bigger.

3) Even though he is bigger, even Amitabh Bachchan has to acknowledge Rajni’s place in the sun because of Sivaji. Even though it is bigger, even Microsoft has to acknowledge Apple’s place because of the iPhone.

2) Rajni is deeply spiritual often going off to the Himalayas to ponder the meaning of it all. Steve Jobs too was deeply spiritual, and his life was changed by a visit to Benares.

1) For Rajni rivals after Sivaji: “Sivaji pera ketale chumma adhurudhulle!” (As soon as you hear my name you will feel the tremors). For Apple rivals after iPhone: “Chumma per keta anna adraddille!