CHURUMURI POLL: Indian Muslims under a cloud?

No hard evidence has yet been made public to connect Mohammed Haneef, the Indian doctor from Bangalore, with the failed terror attack in Glasgow and London. But his detention in Brisbane on Monday while he was about to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur on the way to India with a one-way ticket, and the arrest of another unnamed doctor, also of Indian origin, in Liverpool, raises several disturbing questions for both Britain and India.

For Britain, the question are obvious. With seven of the eight detainees in the failed attack turning out to be doctors (including allegedly the man who drove the car into Glasgow Airport), is its over-dependence on foreign doctors to make up the numbers in the National Health Service being misused by terror groups?

For India, which has long prided itself on the fact that no Indian Muslim has been held in post 9/11 attacks or plots, the question is equally serious: Have Indian Muslims been sucked into the vortex of terror? And, for Karnataka which prides itself on the docility of its citizenry, is Dr Haneef proof that something is changing? Above all, if doctors—who are supposed to be saving lives—are caught blowing up people, is the halo over the medical profession as a caring profession gone forever?

Or is this all “Western, Christian, Zionist, anti-Islamic” propaganda?