North or South. Rich or poor. Hindu or Muslim

Rajkot: Pooja Chauhan, a 22-year-old mother, stripped down to her panties and bra and marched through the streets of Rajkot yesterday, protesting against her inlaws and husband for demanding more dowry—and for bearing a daughter. Pooja carried a baseball bat and bangles in her left hand.

Mahbubnagar: A 2-day-old—48-hour-old—baby has survived a bizarre “murder attempt” after a dog attracted the attention of passers-by. The baby had been buried alive by her grandparents who were expecting a grandson from their daughter, 18-year-old Nuran Bee. Tractor driver Ramu who saw the dog digging, found the baby and immediately pulled her out and took her to the primary health centre.

Photo courtesy: Samachar