‘UPA’s reverse-communalisation of governance’

The London and Glasgow terror plots involving Indians is leading to the usual breast-beating and circumspection. Shekhar Gupta in today’s Indian Express lays the blame squarely at the doors of the Manmohan Singh government, accusing it of communalising the very approach to the fight against terrorism.


Ask the police forces in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Hyderabad, the counter-terror veterans in the intelligence agencies and even the army, and the answer will stare you in the face. After the attacks they faced in the first flush of the Bombay rail attacks for ‘targeting’ Muslims and the hurry in which they were forced to call off the searches and interrogations have put the fear of God in the minds of securitymen.

Politics is much too complicated for them to figure, and fighting this kind of terror is an unconventional and risky business at the best of times. They have simply concluded that this is not the time to take those risks. This is reverse-communalisation of the fight against terror and the responsibility for this lies not so much with the security machinery, or the Union home ministry which controls it, as it does with this peculiar minority-ist politics the Congress has fallen prey to.

So the question to ask the prime minister is, if it is wrong and unfair to profile any community as terrorist, must you always consider a suspect innocent just because he belongs to a community, and if so, is the motive just fair, constitutional secularism, or a misplaced quest for vote banks?

You ask experienced Congress ministers and they are both embarrassed and concerned. They know they have allowed their allies, particularly the Left, to ‘secularise’ the agenda of governance so aggressively, it has now become communalism in reverse and both the Congress and India will be made to pay for it.

Nobody today even claims any of these attacks were the handiwork of anybody but ultra-Islamic groups, howsoever small and minuscule. A few more such attacks, God forbid, a soft, this kind of politically loaded approach towards them, along with issues like Afzal’s hanging, will be seen to be a repeat of the old “biryani for terrorists” story.

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