Yoga may be good. Not always, not everywhere

Bombay: A yoga instructor and his film producer-student drowned in the Arabian Sea off Versova while trying to perform exercises in the water. The duo have been identified as Gopal Kapila, 64, and Jainendra Kumar Bhagwan Kutiyar, 37, a small-time producer.

Kutiyar had joined the classes two days ago. On Saturday, Kapila told Kutiyar that he would demonstrate water yoga lessons with pranayam, and took him to Versova beach. Minutes after both entered the sea around 9am, they were swept away by the strong current.

Not as popular as regular yoga, its water version is usually performed by experts. It involves some standing exercises with pranayam as well as performing asanas while floating. Experts believe water yoga is more effective than that on land and improves immunity levels dramatically and purifies the digestive system.