One question I am dying to ask… Pratibha Patil

After the initial hoopla over a woman becoming a President, the charges and insinuations have been raining on Pratibha Patil for days now. L.K. Advani has urged MPs to exercise a “conscience vote”. The Supreme Court has dismissed a Public Interest Litigation. The BJP has set up a website. And thanks to the media coverage of her family’s activities, even her admirers now have some doubts if it was such a great idea to put her up. But amid all the hoo-ha, the potential “Rashtrapati Mahoday” has remained blissfully silent, preferring to read a boilerplate statement of denial.

What is the one question you would like to ask your next President—and it seems more likely than no that despite all the negative publicity, she will still sail through in the end. Please keep your queries short and civil.