Running with the hares, hunting with the hounds

ASHWINI A. writes from Bangalore: The controversial case of Yadaiah, the ICICI Bank customer who met his end in the custody of the bank’s recovery agents in Hyderabad, is still fresh in public memory. But not, it seems, in the memory of the Bangalore police.

A story in yesterday’s Deccan Herald talks about a brawl between the recovery agents of a mobile phone company and a customer. What is interesting is that of the five -member recovery gang that came to ‘recover’ the money, two of them were police constables!

Should we laugh it away, or is this a warning signal?

Is this the new side-business of policemen? Has the involvement of policemen in the ‘lucrative’ recovery business been okayed by their bosses? We have heard stories of how inspectors and sub-inspectors hold durbar in police stations to settle land disputes and civil cases for a ‘cut’.

Is money recovery their new found revenue model?

If cops join hands with thugs what faith will the law abiding citizens have in the police? Or, is this is just a stray incident of cops going astray?

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