‘India has been foremost in producing terrorists’

Till the Kafeel and Sabeel Ahmed—and Mohammed Haneef—drama unfolded two weeks ago, India gloated over the claim—made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2005—that not one of the terrorists arrested since 9/11 was an Indian or Indian Muslim.

Hogwash, says Sunanda K. Datta Ray in today’s Telegraph.

“Every time I hear people boasting that the world’s third largest Muslim community has not produced a single terrorist, my thoughts fly to the butchery in Jammu and Kashmir, Bombay train explosions, attack on Parliament House and similar outrages all over the country…

“Kashmir secessionists are not the only killers. We have known Khalistani militants and rebels of many ethnicities in the North-east—Naga, Mizo, Bodo and the United Liberation Front of Asom. Now we have Maoist massacres. If they are not terrorists, who are?

“If truth be told, India has been foremost in producing terrorists. Their impact was not felt globally only because in murder as in manufacture, the home demand is so enormous that export loses its lure…

“Such sophistry shields and excuses criminals. It also exposes the callousness of those who should be the natural leaders of their community.”

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