Whose Mysore Utsava is it anyway? For whom?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: The Mysore Utsava is being planned as a never-before event. A pet project of district in-charge minister G.T. Deve Gowda, a spokesman of the minister agreed to meet a citizen and answer queries regarding the Utsava.

“Did you know the government hasn’t paid the salaries of around two lakh of its own employees for the last two months? There are 15000+ state government ‘servants’ from Mysore alone. What kind of government would want to have a Utsava when it isn’t paying its own staff? The best Utsava would be if the employees can get their dues immediately and promise them that this won’t happen again. Don’t you agree?” the citizen asked.

The spokesman was baffled: “Howdaa? I didn’t know about the salary bit. The Utsava is planned so that Mysoreans can enjoy forgetting their worries in July.”

Citizen: “I don’t know what the Minister has planned for August and September. There’s unprecedented rains in the State destroying coffee and other crops in Kodagu. There is also drought in other places of the State where a suicide a day is the norm. Amidst this backdrop, how do you expect citizens, especially the rural folk to enjoy the Utsava?”

Spokesman: “True, it has rained heavily in some parts and there is also a drought. All the more we should have the Utsava so that they ‘forget’ their daily worries.”

Citizen: “Why is the event called Mysore Utsava when practically all the artistes are from outside the City?”

Spokesman: “But the opening invocation and songs during valedictory function will be sung by Mysore artistes! The rest will be from outside.”

Citizen: “Is Mysore ready for Mysore Utsava? MCC cannot assure water to its citizens even when the KRS dam is about to burst in its seams! The officials looked the other way when the district Minister questioned the officials about the filth and accumulated garbage which greeted him on his pada yatra. With inefficiency showing up in practically all their work, MCC officials mumble the word JNNURM as if it’s a mantra! Even streetlight bulbs and telephone lines are stolen in the city in a most brazen manner. Amidst this backdrop, Mysore Utsava can only become a laughing stock….”

Finally, the spokesman blurted out: “You tell me what Mysore should have instead of Mysore Utsava?”

The citizen replied: “Some good old honest work. Let the district minister ensure that all the departments in the City —MCC, KPTCL and CHESCOM, Vani Vilas water works, BSNL—do good work to remove the stench, ensure water and electricity, and ensure road safety. This will cheer up everybody! This will be the best gift the district minister can give to Mysoreans. When that happens, the City will be really ready for the international mega event of the year— Dasara. Happy and grateful citizens will rally around the district minister to make the Dasara an event to remember. Now he should give a clarion call to every official: “Mana thumbi maduvenu kelasa, Mysoorigagi!”

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