Chamundi Hill hath no fury like a star scorned

Star of Mysore has an interesting story this evening on the manager of the temple atop Mysore’s indelible landmark, Chamundi Hills, being transferred although he has just eight months to go before attaining retirement.

Reason: the man committed the cardinal sin of rubbing the film actress Radhika on the wrong side.

Apparently, the one-hit, two-bit wonder visited the Temple last Friday—the first ashaada shukravara—and offered a gold necklace worth Rs 50,000, and demanded a receipt. The receipt was late in coming from Balasubramanyam, the temple manager, because of the heavy rush of devotees.

That was it to earn the wrath of Karnataka’s most controversial star. And three days later, according to SOM, an order was received from the Chief Minister’s Office instructing him to report at Srishaila in two days and asking him to vacate his office atop Chamundi Hills.

Let no tongues wag on where Radhika draws her strength.

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