Why terror groups are wooing the middle class

The involvement of doctors in the failed attacks in London and Glasgow last month evoked shock worldwide. Eboo Patel writes on Slate that this was the whole idea.

“In traditional, territorial war, the enemy is obvious, and the mission is clear: Kill the guys with red helmets, capture that hill. In asymmetrical, ideological war, it is hard to tell friend from foe… It is a type of macabre magic intended to create the illusion of enemies everywhere.”

Terror groups have shown that poor, uneducated people—even children—are perfectly capable of carrying out terrorist attacks. So, why go to the trouble of recruiting doctors and teachers?

“Because middle-class professional terrorists play a trick on people’s psychology. The instinct of “I can’t believe that a doctor would do this” quickly morphs into, “You can’t trust any of those Muslims.” For some people, this provokes open season on Muslims. Mosques are torched, Muslim kids are beaten up at school, women in headscarves are harassed, the Prophet Mohammed is depicted in a despicable manner.”

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