If sanitary pads are OK, why not underwear?

First he banned AXN for its World’s Sexiest Programmes. Then FTV for Midnight Hot. The ostensible reason: the programmes were “against good taste and decency and denigrated women”. Because, “such shows were likely to adversely affect public morality”.

And now the director general of moral police, Priyaranjan Dasmunsi, and his constables have once clambered top the crowded “banned wagon”, proscribing television advertisements for Lux Cozy underwear and Amul Macho underwear. What’s more, TV channels have been told to be “more careful” in accepting ads.

What’s so problematic about the Amul Macho ad that was cleared by the Advertising Standards Council of India?

That the woman looks “hot”? That she takes on the boors at the dhobi ghat? That she oozes oomph and attitude? That she stretches and spanks the underwear? That she seems to suggest that underwear should be washed? That she seems to enjoy doing what women are not supposed to enjoy, washing clothes and underwear at that?

As Dasmunsi’s deputy Ambarish alias Amarnath Gowda might say, “I say, whaaaat is the praaablam?” when you can allow the even more nauseating Stayfree Dry Max ads in which women languidly toss around sanitary pads as if they are dealing playing cards at an afternoon kitty party?