BREAKING NEWS: Haneef’s chatroom conversation

Australia’s immigration minister Kevin Andrews has just released selected transcripts of Bangalore doctor Mohammed Haneef‘s conversation in an internet chatroom with his brother in Bangalore the afternoon before he was arrested in Brisbane while flying out to India with a one-way ticket.

Evidence which the minister claims suggests that Haneef had prior knowledge of the failed suicide bomb attack on Glasgow Airport by his cousin Kafeel Ahmed.

“In it, the brother of (Dr) Haneef says ‘nothing has been found out about you’ and asked when Dr Haneef would be getting out, to which (Dr) Haneef replied ‘today’.

“The brother asked whether he had permission to take leave and what he told the (Gold Coast) hospital.

“Dr Haneef said he told them his baby was born in an emergency caesarean. The brother told him to ‘tell them that you have to as you have a daughter born, do not tell them anything else’.

“The brother then said not to delay his departure and not to let anyone else use his number in Australia, nor to give it to anyone.

“The brother added that ‘auntie’ told him that brother Kafeel used it, he’s in some sort of project over there,” Mr Andrews said, in a reference to UK bombing accused Kafeel Ahmed…”

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