‘What Dr Mohammed Haneef should do next’

He is free, he is back, he is enjoying his new-born daughter’s warmth and innocence, he is planning an outing far from the madding crowd, and he is weighing his options over his career and future. But what is it that Dr Mohammed Haneef should do next?

Prakash Nanda in today’s Deccan Herald has a suggestion.

“Now it is the turn of Haneef to do something for his country and religion. As a true Indian and a proud Muslim, he must publicly condemn the likes of his cousins, Kafeel and Sabeel Ahmed, who plotted, unsuccessfully though, terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom. Such an open condemnation will go a long way in neutralising the rapidly growing worldwide belief that Islam, as a religion, is synonymous with international terrorism….

“Of course, terrorists are found in all religions… However, there is a fundamental difference. Unlike terrorists of other religions, Islamic terrorists, invariably, justify their actions in the name of their religion. And unlike terrorists of other religions, whose goals are political and country-specific, Islamic terrorists have an international dimension.

“Haneef will do a great service by raising his voice against the xenophobiac Wahabiyism that is dividing not only the Indians but also the other “world citizens”. “

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