In Indian cinema, heroism is pure dynamite

Impossible is nothing in the topsy-turvy world of Indian cinema, where flesh-and-blood heroes thump the hell out of comicbook heroes with their daredevil feats in every other reel.

In one film, Rajnikanth (?), who has to deal with two baddies but has only one bullet, fires the revolver and then whips out a piece of hack saw blade and spits it out with his mouth to split the flying bullet into two, each half taking care of one baddie each.

NAMRATA JOSHI forwards a set of pictures of the Telugu actor Nandamuri Balakrishna doing something that, needless to say, should not be tried at home. Of course, in the end, he gets up, dusts himself free, and scoots off to sing “I” in New Zealand, “Love” in Switzerland, and “You” in Canada with some buxom babe-ulu.