Karnataka’s hopes of securing an Indian Institute of Technology on its soil has been in rough weather for some time now. The human resource development ministry, for its part, says it wants to set up another IIT in the South, and has asked both Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka to come up with names. But while AP has done so already, the ruling party politicians in Karnataka are still to come to finalise a location.

The search committee led by C.N.R. Rao has clearly nixed Bangalore as a potential venue given the space crunch in the City. It has said the IIT should be set up in Mysore. However, chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy has said repeatedly that it should be set up in his father’s hometown, Hassan. In the to and fro, an IIT for the State very nearly seems to be set to slip away.

Questions: Should the IIT be set up in Mysore or Hassan? Is the Deve Gowda family playing politics with the move? Or does it not matter at all where the IIT comes up since few Kannadigas make it in the JEE?