How our commies have their cake and hog it too

An indelible image of the Modern Indian Communist Leader is the royal spectacle of “Comred” Prakash Karat and his lovely wife “Comrani” Brinda Karat at Mysore railway station a couple of years ago. Madame Karat had snugly settled into her pushback seat in the Bangalore-bound Shatabdi Express, and was already on her tiniest-of-tiny cellphone.

With just a few minutes to go before the train left the platform, the soon to be CPI(M) general secretary—soon to be “India’s Most Powerful Man“—stepped off the compartment. He was, of course, in a neat pair of Nike shoes. Prakashji returned in a few minutes with two bottles of Bisleri or Aquafina, but bottled water none the less.

A deluxe train, a sexy chifon, a slinky phone, sweatshop sneakers, and “mineral water”… As they say, the only Marxism that will survive forever is Groucho Marxism.

It’s an image that comes to mind reading the master wordsmith Sunanda K. Datta-Ray on the editorial pages of The Telegraph, Calcutta, producing a damning examples of Communist doublespeak as they strive to block the nuclear deal by jumping on the shoulders of the “common man”.

“Left Front members will go on posturing about the dangers of being drawn into America’s strategic embrace while its stellar characters play footsie with the US. I have mentioned before the Marxist mayor who approached the American consul-general to twin Calcutta with San Francisco so that he could officially visit his son who was studying there…

“Beyond that, the longer-term psychology of India’s complex about the US recalls William B. Saxbe, the US ambassador in the Seventies, saying, ‘When I call on cabinet ministers, the president, or governors, they all love to talk about their sons, sons-in-law and daughters in the US and how well they’re doing and how well they like things. The next day I read in the papers the very same people are denouncing the US as a totally different kind of country’.”


Bonus questions:

1) Which couple, both communist party leaders, live in the unquestionably upmarket residence of a media mogul, whose company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange?

2) Which communist party leader’s spouse works for the BBC?