Muslims and Hindus in India like Jews and Arabs

A slew of books are coming out to mark the sixtieth anniversary of our independence, and the New York Times has reviewed one of them: Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire by Alex von Tunzelmann.
Von Tunzelmann quotes the preposterously named Admiral Sir Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax as writing to Earl Bountbatten, the great grandson of Queen Victoria and the last viceroy of India:

“Muslim & Hindu in India, like Jews & Arab in Palestine, will continue to quarrel until one of the contending parties invites the Russians to come in & help them. After that, the date of World War No. 3 is anybody’s guess. … Every good wish to you in your difficult task.”

Read the New York Times review here: Indian Summer