‘Karnataka cricket is not Brijesh Patel’s jagir’

The former Mysore MP, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, has given an interview to R. Kaushik of Deccan Herald today, on his campaign for the presidentship of the Karnataka State Cricket Associations, elections for which are due on Sunday, September 9.

# “Even during my playing days, being from the mofussil, we were always the underdogs. The Bangalore boys, they were always the blue-eyed boys. The KSCA could be headed by someone from the mofussils. You will then know the problems players from the mofussil areas face better than someone sitting in Bangalore. I looked at the whole thing from the perspective of a mofussil player.

# “We are running an institution here that is promoting sports, and promoting the most popular sport in the country. We have to be responsible, you can’t behave like it is your jaagir. The present set-up thinks it is its own jaagir, which is not right.

# “I firmly believe the colours of the KSCA should be the colours of the State flag—red and yellow.”

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