When Gajanana meets the JCB on Chowpatty

We bring Him home with such care. We make such a display of our love and devotion for Him. We invest all our hopes and aspirations in Him. Yet when it comes to bidding goodbye to Him, this is all some of us manage to do, leaving Him to wonder if the people who worshipped Him were the same ones who sent Him away.

K.R. DINAKAR forwards a set of self-explanatory pictures of the immersion and after at Bombay’s Chowpatty beach. Pictures that make a strong case for smaller idols, painted with organic not plastic colours. Pictures that demand that we show greater concern for the lakes, ponds, rivers and seas that He has created for us.

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi.

May the force of the four-armed one be with you all through the year ahead. And may you meet peace, happiness, and success every step of the way.