CHURUMURI POLL: Who’ll win Twenty20 finals?

An India versus Pakistan match is a sight to behold even in ordinary circumstances. As old rivalries open up, as the “war minus the shooting” begins, the tension is palpable while the cash registers and TRP counters start whirring wild. But, stunningly, before today, the two sides have never faced each other in the finals of a global tournament. So the simple question is: which of the two sides do you think will the finals of the first-ever Twenty20 World Cup in Johannesburg?

Will Dhoni’s Dudes improve India’s 6-1 record against Pakistan in world championships? Or do you think India’s luck might well have run out after those two stunning back-to-back victories against Australia and England? Will Malik’s Mavens put the past behind them and stop the rampaging Indians? How have two sides without their “nucleus” done so well? Who do you think will be the star of the finals?

And the big questions: Will a win in today’s Twenty20 exorcise the demons of the real World Cup for either side? Or is this just a lottery being played on a cricket field? Will a win here cook Kapil Dev‘s ICL goose for good?