When the fence starts grazing the crop of life

Although the Chamalapura Project controversy has been raging for over four months now, few know where it is, geographically speaking, and how close it is to human habitats, the Bandipur and Nagarahole national parks, and the Kabini and Krishna Raja Sagar reservoirs. Here’s a Google Earth picture, forwarded by VADIRAJ HOMBAL, which gives us a good idea.


Also, in response to a question “What will get spoiled if Chamalapura comes up?” E.R. RAMACHANDRAN forwards an extract from the 9th five year plan (volume 1), which seems to suggest that the government may be in danger of breaking its own rules in setting up the project in spite of vehement opposition.

“1.120 It is important that conservation of natural resources receives adequate priority, especially from environmental angle. The danger of further deterioration in the quality of air and water is not unreal and so is the case with the quality of soil. Greater demand for land resources for food, fodder, fuel, water as well as for mining and other activities will put pressure on the availability and quality of land. Therefore, it is essential that these resources are used with utmost care so that growth is sustainable.”