Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi #9

Meanwhile, at the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka, also known as Murthy Angadi, proof, as if any further proof were required, that the only lesson that sowcarru and his shishyas have learnt from history is that only a fool would learn from history. And that when you are driven by values, you can sometimes be driven to nuts, but, hey, it’s their stretch limo, and it’s only their entrepreneurial spirit that got them a car this long.

A week ago, some American girakis were visiting the Angadi to inspect the maal, and the maalwadis, and as usual the branch manager pulled out all the stops after MD 3.1415….

The Mexican hullu got an extra mug of Cauvery jol (re-bicycled water? Chal foot!), very green torana was tied all over, and as if working on the worst-case scenario that one of the girakis may actually be visually challenged, “Welcome” banners were strung up everywhere, so that there was no way even an ophthalmic problem would prevent them from knowing that their “check” book entries were wanted in the Angadi‘s passbooks.

So far so cute.

After all, there are only 10 kinds of people in the world: those who know binary and those who don’t.

Anyway, on the day the America girakis were being taken around the Angadi, “The Writer” (binary) was busy working when somebody (non-binary) suddenly pulled out the Indian national flag that “The Writer” (binary) had proudly put up on the desk. Clearly, sowcar-ru‘s shisyas (non-binary) were working extra-hard to “create an environment of warmth for our customers and prospects”.

Talking of which, the jhanda had been distributed by the branch manager’s mestri (non-binary) and his cohorts (non-binary) in the spirit of the agenda of “continuing the spirit of enjoying work” on Independence Day.

So, patriotism in the Angadi lasted exactly one month and six days.

(Related Hyperlink Without a Hyperlink: Since we, “the blessed” must all work “harder and smarter”, to “free India from poverty”, August 15 was a working day for Angadi employees serving and servicing American girakis and July 4 was a holiday.)

Anyway, to cut a short story long, the moment “The Writer” (binary) found his (Indian) national flag removed, he turned around to find a team-mate (Indian) standing behind him, with a bunch of flags (Indian) in his hand which too had been similarly removed. He pointed his finger towards the mestri and his men (Indian).

Mestri & His Men felt it would not be appropriate to display Indian flags when foreign clients were visiting.

One of the ‘leaders’ (binary) said in a loud voice to one of the writers (binary):

“Keep the patriotism to yourself! I know more than you. Wait for these two days and you can put those flags back again!!”

But “The Writer” did not remove his flag.

And, The Other Writers too put the flags back on their desks once the “Gangmen” left. But the hard-earned patriotism was short lived. The writers returned to their desks in the morning only to find the flags missing.

Stored in the lockers? Discarded in the dustbin? Shredded in the shredder? Keep betting.

Which only left The Writers with three conclusions to reach: either sowcar-ru‘s shisyas aren’t aware of the guru‘s earlier taapatregalu or that of others like Aamir Khan. Or sowcar-ru‘s scandal hasn’t taught the mestris anything. Or the sowcar-ru has been reading too many popular physics and mathematics books in his spare time to bother with something so umbilical and fundamental.

Disclaimer: All sowcar-ru, girakis and mestris mentioned in Murthy Angadi (no branches) are powered by the intellect of the imagination of a figment driven by values. 3.14159, of course, is Pi, (pronounced Pai) which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean geometry.

The national anthem, the national flag, the national animal, the national bird are, well, the untrade-able marks of the nation (Indian). Jol is an anagram of J-Lo since it’s Mexican hullu (wink, wink). Any resemblance to characters living, dying or suing, Indian, Greek or Mexican, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Photograph: Courtesy Brain Chimney