Are the real Mr. G’s values relevant today?

G.N. MOHAN writes:

Inninisu dina mahaatma
nee badukabekittu…


On Gandhi Jayanti today, politician after politician will belt out the same cliche from one bulletproofed podium after another: that although it has been 59 years since he departed from our midst, the Mahatma’s message, values, words, are still relevant today.

Are they?

Are we as austere and frugal as he wanted us to be or has the mad consumptive urge overtaken us? Are we as non-violent as he would have liked us to be or have we become less tolerant nation that seeks an eye for an eye? Are we as accommodating and understanding of “the other” as he was?

Do we practice what he preached? Or have we all but forgotten the Real Mr G and reduced him to a shallow symbol and his principles to a token to be dusted and remembered every year, once a year?