Not a politician or a humanitarian relief worker!

Far lesser people than he have walked away with the Nobel Prize. Now the Nobel Committee has revealed why Mahatma Gandhi, despite being nominated five times, did not make the cut. Because, believe it or not, “he was neither a real politician nor a humanitarian relief worker.”

“I usually don’t comment on what the Nobel Committees or prize awarding institutions decide. But here, they themselves think he is the one missing. We missed a great Laureate and that’s Gandhi. It’s a big regret,” the executive director of the Nobel Foundation, Michael Sohlman, has told Sumon K. Chakrabarti of CNN-IBN.

“Mahatma Gandhi is the one we miss the most at the Nobel museum. I think that’s a big empty space where we should have had Mahatma Gandhi. I think it was a mistake. I think they could have made up for that little difference,” says the museum curator, Dr Anders Barany.