CHURUMURI POLL: Shouldn’t Sonia be a ‘Gandhi’?

Defying Copernicus, the Bharatiya Janata Party continues to believe that the world, or at least its world, revolves around Sonia Gandhi. The party’s president Rajnath Singh has said that the Congress chief should drop her “Gandhi” surname if she does not believe in the existence of Lord Rama as Mahatma Gandhi did. What’s more, Singh also wants Rahul and Priyanka to also drop their “Gandhi” surname.

“Mahatma Gandhi’s political vision was Ram Rajya while his spiritual vision was Raghupati Raghav Rajaram. His ultimate belief and the last words were ‘Hey Ram’. If Lord Rama did not exist, then it means the preachings of Gandhiji were all wrong. The Congress president has Gandhi in her surname. Her children also carry Gandhi surnames. Then I think they should reconsider,” he said.

Questions: Should Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka drop their ‘Gandhi’ surname because of the Ram Sethu controversy?  Is there any concrete evidence to link the “Lord-Rama-does-not-exist” affidavit with 10, Janpath? Do even India’s most illiterate and ignorant think Sonia and her children are descended from Mahatma Gandhi? Or is Rajnath Singh unaware that the Gandhis draw their surname from Feroze Gandhy, a Parsi whom Indira married, but who was reportedly persuaded by Mahatma Gandhi to change the spelling of his surname? Or has the BJP completely become bankrupt and bereft of any substantive issues?