In rising, shining, incredible India, a catastrophe

“India won freedom 60 years ago, but the Indian kisan has now become a slave in his own country. Every other producer of a commodity determines its selling price. The only unfortunate exception is the farmer; the price of his produce is decided not by him but by the buyer.”

Nagi Reddy, a sugarcane grower from Mumbojipalli in Medak district in Andhra Pradesh, quoted by Sudheendra Kulkarni in his Indian Express column today.

Writes Kulkarni:

“Catastrophic developments are taking place in Indian agriculture, about which our ruling economic and political elite neither knows nor cares.

# With the water-table going down, farmers are forced to dig their bore wells deeper, incurring higher costs

# Power supply is woefully inadequate and erratic

# Spurious seeds are flooding the market and selling at astronomical prices

# Bank credit is untimely, insufficient and troublesome, compelling kisans to turn to private money-lenders

“Is there any surprise that more and more sugarcane farmers in Telangana are committing suicide?” asks D. Vasanth Kumar.

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