Here’s what really beats me. How come…?

Just one question?

Why can’t we ask 10, says E.R. RAMACHANDRAN.


1. How come our agriculture minister-cum–BCCI President is having a ‘ball’ with the Aussies when he and his Ministry are importing wheat that is unfit even for animal consumption from them and distributing it to starving farmers?

2. How come a spouse who who married, ate, slept together and enjoyed the forbidden fruits of power for over 20 months, is now calling the other partner names, and saying, “You are communal and brought down the Babri masjid down”?

3. How come our Courts are taking months to distribute a copy of the judgment to the convicted in the Bombay blasts and––surprise, surprise—neither the public prosecutor nor the electronic and print media, not the leftists nor the rightists are saying nothing in this regard?

4. How come the CBI, time and time again, mess up whenever they are called to handle the extradition of Ottavio Quattrochchi or are we just reading too much into it?

5. How come the only solution acceptable to the ex-Prime Minister, regardless of whether he ties up with the BJP or the Congress, seems to be that his son H.D. Kumaraswamy should be the chief minister?

6. Would the heir-apparent have picked up how to prepare for the top position in the country, while watching Hillary Clinton in New York while attending his mom’s visit to the United Nations or are we just imagining the scenario?

7. Should Thiru Karunanidhi have been rapped harder on the knuckles by the Supreme courts for his clumsy ‘dramabazi’ politics and openly exhorting, as a Chief Minister, to people to stop work over the Ram sethu issue?

8. Should Vidhabha Cricket Association start a rival league of its own like the BCCI and ICL and call it the VFSL—Vidharbha Farmers’ Suicide League—to catch Sharad Pawar‘s attention?

9. Should the world chess champion Vishwanathan Anand pick up some ‘new’ moves from our ex-PM by working with him as an understudy? And will recognition for other sportsmen come only when they dress as ‘Men in Blue’?

10. How come our young cricketers, who beat the hell out of the best teams in a week and became world champs of Twenty20, are not fit and experienced enough to be in the ODI or Test team, which therefore relies on the old Brigade although it calls for a lot more stamina?


Join in the fun. Add more questions troubling your mind.