How the scientists slog it out in the Hindutva lab

Nothing underlines H.D. Deve Gowda‘s apprehension that transferring power to the BJP would have paved the way for sangh parivar outfits to turn Karnataka into a “Hindutva Laboratory” than the Baba Budanagiri row in Chikamagalur.

The syncretic peace of the pristine hills in coffee country has been punctured by the shrill rabble-rousing, the hate-mongering, the muscle-flexing by pseudo-nationalists to create an electoral “Ayodhya” in the self-declared “Gateway to the South”.

As this set of six YouTube videos, edited and directed by Vijay Kumar S. for Pedestrian Pictures shows, the virus of communalism has been injected into a serene community with lab-room precision, with the pseudo-secularists flapping around saying “What-did-you-expect”.

The denouement—the “mundina anahuta“, the “rakta paatha” that Pramod Mutalik promises—has been stalled by court rulings. But with the BJP now out of power and elections looming, for much how long?

Credits: Deepu and Yuvaraj; Kumar G.S., Sunil (camera); Ahmed Shah

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