A suitable gift for someone you love (or hate)

The festival season has begun, and it is a time to give, to all those whom we love—and even to those we don’t.

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN has chosen to send out gifts to some of our VIPs. And he is giving away cassettes which they may never listen to, or books they may read, even gift coupons they may not accept.


To H.D. KumaraswamyNeenarigadeyo elamanava

To B.S. YediyurappaNinna nambi kettavaruntu

To H.D. Deve Gowda… A lesson. Period. (But will he learn?)

To H.D. Revanna… A slogan, “Appa, mera number kabh aayega?”

To Siddaramaiah… A talking doll which screams, ‘Mein kaun hoon, mein kaha hoon?

To Governor Rameshwar Thakur… A title, Uncrowned King of Karnataka

To Benazir Bhutto… An email, “Is there life after near-death?”

To Pervez Musharraf… A ‘birthday suit’, which he doesn’t want

To Manmohan Singh… A baton, to hand over

To Rahul Gandhi… A baton, to receive

To Sonia Gandhi… A whistle, to start the exchange of batons

To Prakash Karat… The title, Chairman Karat

To Brinda Karat… A bindi in the size of the new two-rupee coin

To Thiru Karunanidhi… ‘A burning sethu

To Andrew Symonds… A lesson, that racism is a two-way street

To Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly… A copy each of The last days of PompeiiTo Rahul Dravid… Audio book of ‘Paradise lost

To Mahendra Singh Dhoni… A rendition of ‘Paradise ‘gained’ (apologies to Milton)

To Ricky Ponting… A lesson, that 20/20 is bigger than 50/50

To the Stock Market… A yo-yo toy


Join in the give-and-take revelry. Who would you like to send a gift to?