‘It takes two to tango, but only one gets the rap’

Sixty people were sentenced to life yesterday in various parts of the country for various crimes, ranging from terror attacks, riots, even love revenge.

In Coimbatore, Al-Umma founder and accused number one, S.A. Basha, lashed out upon being read his sentence, and said Muslims were being targetted and singled out for punishment:

“Only Muslims are being punished. Why is it that the members of the Sangh Parivar are not punished. It is shame on India.”

Co-accused Basith, the explosives expert who is said to have designed several IEDs that were set off at several places across Coimbatore, went for the jugular saying that not only were the Advanis, the Modis and the Togadias not being punished, they were enjoying the fruits of power.

“They have not spent even one day in jail, while we are languishing for nine years. They are enjoying Z category security. Just withdraw their security for an hour and see what happen.”

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Muslims being singled out: Basha

Infographic: The Telegraph, Calcutta