BJP-JDS together: For how long, why, what next?

The yo-yo, on-off-on politics in Karnataka would defy Mr Ripley, if he hasn’t given up already. But the key question after Saturday’s developments—when the JDS and BJP once again seemingly came together—is how long will the second honeymoon last? Will it last the full course of 19 months? Will it last less than a year? Will it last between three and six months? Or will it tumble within the first three months?

There are two other questions: what prompted the two parties after all the name-calling over the past 25 days to join hands once again? Was the JDS driven by the fear of the Congress splitting the party, as H.D. Kumaraswamy claims? Or is the JDS playing it safe after the local body elections and reluctant to alienate Lingayats completely? Has the BJP shown its desperation to get into power by swallowing its humiliation? Or were the two parties fearful of letting the Congress benefit from their squabble?

And, secondly, who gains and who loses from the latest turn of events? Will Ananth Kumar ever come to terms with B.S. Yediyurappa becoming chief minister? Has M.P. Prakash‘s hopes of the gaddi been dashed forever? Has Siddaramaiah’s dreams of getting back at his bete noire H.D. Deve Gowda been quashed? Will the renewed lease of life enable the MLAs to make hay while the sun shines over them for a few more months? And will the reputation of the JDS get enhanced by its latest action?