Is the IT boom stubbing out the dowry menace?

You can debate it till the cows come home and go back, of course, but on the Open Page of The Hindu, Chandra Kommera claims that the advent of the “IT revolution” has led to a gradual if not immediately discernible decline in the dowry menace.


Reason 1: A considerable number of young men are getting highly-paid jobs. They are become rupee millionaires pretty quickly and are reluctant to ask/accept dowry even if their parents insist.

Reason 2: The IT boom is also helping young women to get highly-paid jobs, who are not reluctant to assert themselves and reject marriage proposals from men who ask for dowry.

Reason 3: The spread of IT jobs has spawned a new social class whose way of life is almost homogeneous across castes. This enlarges the playing field for the youth to look beyond their own caste.

Reason 4: The increasing financial independence of boys and girls at a young age is prompting to go in for “love” marriages rather than arranged ones with all their attendant baggage.

Reason 5: With IT boys and girls setting the trend, there is no longer the same kind of demand for IAS and IPS recruits as the parents of girls prefer less-dowry/non-dowry SWE to an IAS/IPS groom.


True or false? Is the IT revolution resulting in this unforeseen social revolution? Or have you heard the horror stories among IT pros too? Are IAS and IPS types really going out of demand? Or are we just clutching on to whatever trend straws we can spot? And, IT or not, will the dowry menace really end in this yug if not the next?