CHURUMURI POLL: Ban campus recruitments?

Campus recruitments have in recent times come to be seen as the way to go. Easy for employers to find potential recruits of their choice, easy for students to find employment even before they graduate, and easy for college to tom-tom the quality of the education they impart, they have been a win-win for all concerned. But has the time come for a rethink—and not just over the penchant for the IIMs to announce the names and salaries of the top rankers?

Over 1,000 students, and some faculty of the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), have raised a small banner of revolt against campus recruitments by American companies like Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, and Dow Chemicals. They say these companies have “nothing to do with the IIT”. And they want the past record of companies in business ethics, environmental issues and human rights to be scrutinised before being allowed into any IIT campus.

Questions: Are the students and faculty playing politics at the behest of the Left by targetting American companies which are playing a role in the war? If these companies have nothing to do with IIT, should IITians be joining the civil services or joining other companies which have nothing to do with technology? Should students have the freedom to join companies they please, or should colleges draw a line on who can recruit or who can’t?

And the big one: should only Indian companies be allowed to recruit from the IITs and IIMs whose students benefit so enormously from the subsidies of the Indian government?