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G.K. Govinda Rao in Deccan Herald:

“Leaders of all political parties without exception are engaged in the holy task of demolition of the language. Of course, Deve Gowda walks away, to the envy of all others, with the gold. Whatever he says of ‘democracy’ or ‘secularism’ is valid only for today,  and if you refer back to what he said yesterday, you would only be exposing yourself to an outdated blabber…

“BJP trumpets itself as a great, self-respecting—swabhimani —party (but) decides to observe “total silence” when abuses, innuendos and outright insults are hurled at the party and its leaders by all and sundry. When the stakes are down and they realise that the power has eluded them, you see them with bared teeth and pathetic wails of frustration and bitterness and pent up fury…

“But (at a) snap of fingers by the father and son, the highly principled, self-respecting party rushes obediently and gratefully decides to form the government. So, the BJP decides to form the government not because it is power-hungry, but it has to “save” the state from the forces waiting at the back door (Congress) to make a crashing entry.

“Of all the parties I feel it is the Congress that should learn to maintain meaningful silence and begin to work among the people. They have spoken enough and their speech lacks coherence and integrated sense. They will, if they do not realise soon enough, reduce themselves to irrelevant appendix in the body politic.”

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