CHURUMURI POLL: Revoke Manivannan transfer?

The decision Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa to transfer the Mysore City Corporation commissioner P. Manivannan to Shimoga at once exposes two seemingly irreversible facts of Indian public life. One, the ad hoc nature of decision making at the highest levels: the IAS officer, with an image of uprightness, has been around in Mysore for barely a couple of months and has seen four postings in the last four months. Yet the first act of a CM yet to prove his majority on the floor of the House is to seek the officer in his home-district, Shimoga.

And on the other hand, the transfer and the resulting public outcry against it shows the almost complete dearth of quality officers. There are nearly 100 IAS officers posted in the State. Yet, if every City and district seems to think that only Manivannan can wipe away all their ills, it shines a neat mirror on the other officers, who by extrapolation can safely be supposed to be feathering their nests and building up their assets while reducing their liabilities.

Questions: Was Yediyurappa right or wrong in transferring Manivannan? Has he been given the marching orders because Shimoga desperately needs him, or has the growing “land mafia” in Mysore managed to remove a thorn out of its way by exerting on their political masters who were already beginning to feel the officer’s pinch? Since the CM is yet to prove his majority, is the decision legal? Or can the Governor overturn the move? And will such repeated transfers of officials without giving them the time to perform kill our cities and districts?

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Photo courtesy: The Hindu