‘Not right or left. The truth is all that matters’

Chandan Gowda, the sociologist from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, has an interview with the late Ramachandra Gandhi in the magazine section of The Hindu (the interview was first published in Lankesh Patrike):

In an earlier conversation, you said that you were not interested in the Right or the Left but in the truth. “People want the truth,” you said. What did you mean by this?

Ignoring questions about the meaning and purpose of life, politics in our times has merely championed the cause of exclusive identities: caste, religious, socio-economic, nationalist.

Never contemplating the possibility that these identities might be falsehoods, false answers to questions “who am I?” and “who are we?” which concern us most deeply.

Pitting us against one another and all of us against non-human life, nature and nothingness, the politics of exclusive identities has understandably failed to deliver on its promises of justice, freedom, or happiness.

Truth matters. Selfhood might be non-dual, we might be all things and nothingness too. Each one of us. Empowerment and humility can be like gifts only if exclusive identity and its agenda of limitless compassion and love and joy.

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