CHURUMURI POLL: Karnataka, Bihar of the South?

The political drama in Karnataka may be captivating stuff for Kannadigas. But given the fact that news of what is happening here has been, and is being, relayed to every part of the country, it opens an interesting question: how does the rest of India view the daily to and fro, the back tracking and the backstabbing? Do you think the image of Karnataka has been enhanced by what has been happening in the State over the last few weeks? Or has the reputation of namma cheluva naadu been rubbed into the mud by provincial skulduggery no better or no worse than, say, the aya-ram gaya ram politics in Haryana?

Is this politics at its best or is this politics at its worst? Even within the State, will the confidence of the people in the government, in figures of authority, increase or diminish as a result of seeing their leaders behave and conduct themselves in this fashion? Or are they likely to see this as being typical of the “cesspool of politics”? Will investors and industrialists want to do business with a State whose leaders go flagrantly go back on their word? No offence meant, but is Karnataka emerging as the Bihar of the South, if it hasn’t already?

(This poll was first published on October 3, 2007. It is being republished after the Janata Dal (Secular) once again pulled the rug from under the feet of the BJP by deciding to vote against the trust motion)

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