Coming: Nimmoppan Experiments with Untruths

If “Bangalored” can become a word in the English dictionary because of outsourcing, surely the nataka in Karnataka of the last few months should inspire lexicographers to come up with a few new words?

As a public service, is pleased to make this humble linguistic contribution.

Please feel free add to the list.


Datta: a rare species of parrot that travels only by autorickshaws. As in, “I gifted my toddler a datta on her birthday, but the auto driver said he couldn’t come to Rajajinagar without his owner’s permission.”

Bellaried: striking it rich quickly. As in, ‘When my chikkappa became chief minister for seven long days, our family bellaried till the JCBs came home.”

Chennamma: patience, Holenarsipur style. As in, “despite my kapi cheshte, my mother was chennamma personified.”

Drama vaasthavya: living in a world of make-believe. As in, “The Congress’s drama vaasthavya programme of forming a government has been a roaring success.”

Empire: originally a kingdom, now just a restaurant. As in, “My grandson conquered the Empire in the wee hours of the morning in a Porsche while the waiters were fast asleep.”

Gowdagiri: everything opposed to Gandhigiri. As in, “In a fit of gowdagiri, the former prime minister told his sons he would title his memoirs, ‘Nimmoppan Experiments with Untruths’.”

Hoogared: to keep going on and on. As in, “There was no news, but to fill the airtime, the correspondent hoogared and hoogared till the commercial break.”

Kumar (noun, pronounced ku-maara) (verb kumared): to strike badly, (slang) to screw badly. As in, “We were banking on him all along, but he kumared us completely.” Can be used in other languages with minor variations of spelling. As in, “Avanu nammanna chennagi kumarsbitta kano.” Or, “Sala, usne mujhe kumaar diya yaar.” Can be used for JDS and Congress.

Lad: young boy. As in, “To fight the Bellary elections against Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj surrounded herself with some rich lads.” (see Reddy)

Live band: chorus boys, not dancing girls. “The former chief minister was accompanied by his usual live band of Cheluvaraya Swamy and Zameer Ahmed.”

Mouna: silence between interviews. “Disgusted with being misquoted and misreported, the warring politicians vowed to observe mouna till the next television crew arrived.”

National Travels: Originally a bus company, now a shuttle service between various resorts and Raj Bhavan with request stops in Padmanabhanagar and Dollar Colony.

Ragi: hypothetical humble beginnings. As in, “Ours is a ragi to riches story.”

Radhika: originally Radha Ravi‘s sister, soon Radha‘s or Ravi‘s mother.

Reddy: local bank. As in, “To fight the Bellary elections against Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj surrounded herself with some rich lads and went to Reddy often.” (see Lad)

Revu (pronounced revoo): to pick the nose with one hand and scratch the crotch with the other, both at the same time, in public. As in, “Business worth crores hung in the balance, but he revued endlessly while his foreign hosts looked on and looked away in embarrassment.”

Resort: Any establishment (bar attached) able to accommodate and entertain 40-80 legislators for between four and eight days without slapping a bill in return.

Sadanandness: A delirious state of happiness come what may. As in, “Everybody was aghast at the latest turn of events, but the party chief was in inexplicable state of sadanandness.”

Shobha Yatre: Any journey taken in the anticipation of pleasure or profit or both. As in, “The party leader went to bed threatening to undertake a short shobha yatre.”

Somayajied: Take for a ride. As in, “My horse ‘Onnu, onnu, onnu‘ was doing well till it was Somayajied by our family astrologer.”

Yedy: The abominable show man. Now you see him as chief minister, now you don’t.


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Jinchaak: gaargeous like a baambshell