Yedi, steady, go: All the gods must be crazy

Not even bending backwards on one foot helped B.S. Yediyurappa escape the machinations of the “Son Parivar”. After the JDS issued a whip directing its legislators to vote against the trust motion moved by the seven-day-old chief minister, there was only one way out of the Vidhana Soudha on Monday for the perpetually scowling BJP leader.

And, suddenly, all the homas, havans and yagnas, pooje and punaskara, and visits to temples, mutts, godmen, astrologers, numerologists and soothsayers came to nought.

Photographs: courtesy Deccan Herald (above), Karnataka Photo News (below)

Picture imperfect: Is it an idol (sic)? Is it a statue? Is it a mannequin?

One leg in the chair, two eyes on the chair