CHURUMURI POLL: India’s most corrupt CM?

In a surcharged atmosphere, nothing exceeds like excess. As if to underline the aphorism, the former State Congress chief Janardhan Poojary has dubbed H.D. Kumaraswamy as “the most corrupt chief minister seen by history”. Whether Poojary has Karnataka’s history or India’s history in mind isn’t clear, but in describing Kumaraswamy thus—and B.S. Yediyurappa as the “biggest fool seen by the world”—the chief priest of the loan mela scheme is making sure that little will be left to the imagination of the people in the coming elections.

Agreed, Kumaraswamy’s regime—with the Rs 150 crore bribery allegations, the buying of obscene amounts of property by various members of the Deve Gowda family, etc—wasn’t quite the epitome of cleanliness with the ghost of illegal mining hanging over its every action. But was it the most corrupt in history? More corrupt than S.M. Krishna‘s or S. Bangarappa‘s? More corrupt than Jayalalitha‘s or Mayawati‘s? Is corruption any longer an electoral issue? Or do the voters don’t just care? And who is India’s most corrupt CM ever?