‘Don’t blame us. We’re just the beedi lighters’

The resident poets of the BJP  in Karnataka are slipping into their creative best as the party mounts a shrill campaign to alert voters of the “worst betrayal ever” by the JDS, as if it had no role to play in bringing upon this disgrace.

Variations of the “Appa kalla, maga sulla” slogan are doing the rounds, of course, but party president D.V. Sadananda Gowda has upped the ante comparing H.D. Deve Gowda & Sons to a beedi company at public meetings:

“A beedi company put up advertisements which screamed, ‘If you smoke beedis manufactured by us, thieves will seldom enter your houses, stray dogs will never bite you, and you will stay young all through your life.’ Gullible people fell for the claims and started smoking the beedis.

“However, after a few days, the company’s claims actually started coming true. Smokers started coughing incessantly through the night keeping thieves at bay. Indisposed smokers, unable to stand on their legs, started using walking sticks. Seeing those missiles in their hands, stray dogs ran helter-skelter. Having smoked continuously, people started dying as early as 30 years and never got to know what old-age was!

“Like that beedi company, Deve Gowda and his family members have continuously cheated the electorate and have injured democracy to the core. Political ethics and values have been completely shattered by them. No one will trust them now. A day is not far off when Deve Gowda has to restart the beedi company and spend the rest of his life.”