‘IIT mindset feeds into fascist nature of Right’

University of Chicago professor and American political philosopher Martha Nussbaum in an interview with Shoma Chaudhury of Tehelka:

“There is something about the political culture of India, including the strength of its press that enables it to survive. But there are real weak points. The key one is the system of education. There is not enough attention on critical thinking and independence of mind in India. Not enough on stimulating the imagination….

“I’m really discouraged by is the growing dominance of a technocratic middle class that is anti-political and for whom the suffering of excluded people doesn’t mean a lot. This IIT mentality — become technically competent
engineers, forget about human values — is very dangerous, particularly for a country like India….

“Because the humanities are so devalued in India, intellectuals who might have been able to lead the way to a more progressive appropriation of tradition have moved to America and are happily teaching the Ramayana there.”

Read the full text here: ‘The IIT mindset feeds into fascist nature of the Right

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