And some more good news to please Mr Kalam

Between 1997 and 2005, equality grew in India, an analysis of the human development reports of the United Nations Development (UNDP) by Manas Chakravarty of Mint has shown.

According to the report for 2007, which draws conclusions from data for 2004-05, the richest 10% of the Indians spent 8.6 times the money spent by the poorest 10%. And in 1996-97, the richest 10% spent 9.5 times the amount spent by the bottom 10%. In other words, India in 2004-05 is more egalitarian than in 1997.

And the Gini coefficient of inequality, which measures inequality on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 indicates perfect equality and 100, absolute inequality, was 36.8 in 2004-05. The HDR for 2003, which contained data for the Gini index for 1996-97, shows that this measure of inequality was 37.8 in that year.

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